Find your perfect Oxford summer campus for 2022.

King’s College London

Friendly self-catered accommodation in Central London.

Earlscliffe School

An independent school with an excellent reputation, located in the pretty seaside town of Folkestone.

Oxford International College

With a fabulous Oxford city centre location, you're right in the heart of the action at the UK's top A-Level college.

Eton College

A world-famous British boarding school founded by King Henry VI, located near Windsor - home of the British Royal Family.


A huge university campus with tons of outside space and a lot of amenities.

Queen Mary University of London

A large campus with modern facilities, situated in the trendy East End.

Cambridge University Colleges

Live and study in the historic colleges of Cambridge University

Jesus College Cambridge

Founded in the 12th century and centrally located, Jesus College is one of the largest Cambridge colleges.

Rochester Independent

A creatively-minded top British boarding school with a focus on university preparation - located just outside London.

Peterhouse College Cambridge

Cambridge’s oldest college, Peterhouse College is strikingly pretty and centrally located.


Situated in beautiful natural surroundings at the foot of Scotland's Highlands.

Tonbridge School

An internationally respected top 10 ranked boarding school, set in 150 acres and only 40 minutes from London.

St Andrews University

Historic university accommodation situated in beautiful grounds

Plumpton College

Perfect for sports and animal lovers, Plumpton College is a leading agricultural college just 30 minutes from the seaside town of Brighton.

Imperial College London

A large and diverse campus in South Kensington, Central London

King Edward’s School

An impressive British boarding school with royal connections, located just an hour from both London and the English coastline.

Canford School

Ranked among the top 10 most beautiful boarding schools in the UK, Canford is a stunning place to study.

Oxford University Colleges

Study in the world-renowned colleges of the University of Oxford

Balliol College

Less than a 5-minute walk from the famous sights of the city centre.

Brasenose College

On the main high street in the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Christ Church College

In the city centre, very convenient for exploring all Oxford has to offer

The Queen’s College

On the high street in the city centre.

St Peter’s College

In the city centre, just off Oxford High Street.

St Catherine’s College

St Catherine’s College is conveniently located near the city centre and within walking distance of many of the city’s top attractions.

University College

Right in the city centre, only a few minutes away from the Radcliffe Camera.

Wadham College

Wadham College is a short walk from Oxford’s high street, which is full of shops, cafes and things to do.

Worcester College

Worcester College lies near a calming stream but is also a short distance from the more lively city centre.

Corpus Christi College

Just off the high street and near to the idyllic Christ Church Meadow.

Exeter College

Right next to the Bodleian Library, in the striking Radcliffe Square, right in the centre of the city.

Lady Margaret Hall

Located near the city centre, Lady Margaret Hall is within an easy walking distance of the main city attractions.

Lincoln College

Lincoln College is a stone’s throw away from the renowned Ashmolean Museum, the Natural History Museum and the calming University Parks.

Magdalen College

Magdalen College is on Oxford High Street, conveniently located for amenities and shopping.

Merton College

In the city centre, perfect for exploring the city, Christ Church Meadows, and other key sites.

New College

On the edge of the city centre, close to open fields and spaces to relax

Oriel College

A few minutes away from the heart of the city centre.

Pembroke College

Very central and in a great location to explore the different Oxford neighbourhoods.

Somerville College

A short walk from the city centre and an even shorter walk to the University Parks.

St Anne’s College

St Anne’s is approximately a 15 minute walk from the centre of Oxford.

St Antony’s College

Not central but not far out - close to the north of city and Jericho and Park Town neighbourhoods.

St Benet’s Hall

A short walk from the city centre and close to the vibrant Jericho neighbourhood.

Trinity College

In the centre of the city near the stunning Bodleian Library.

St Edmund Hall

Located within the city centre, St Edmund Hall is just off the high street.

St Hilda’s College

A short stroll from the centre of the city.

St Hugh’s College

Located in North Oxford, St Hugh’s is near some beautiful outdoor parks and the mesmerising Pitt Rivers Museum.

Wycliffe Hall

15 minutes from the city centre lies Wycliffe Hall, next to the expansive and peaceful University Parks.

D’Overbroeck’s School

d’Overbroeck’s is not centrally located and is approximately a 15-minute drive from the city centre.

Headington School

A prestigious academic boarding school founded in 1915, Headington School is just a short walk into Oxford city centre.

Oxford Brookes University

Three campuses spread around the city, varying from a few minutes distance to 30 minutes bus rides.

Rewley House

Close to Jeircho, a lively neighbourhood with eateries and buzzing entertainment.

Sibford School

Sibford School is North of Oxford near Banbury.

St Edward’s School

Located in Summertown, a short bus journey from the city centre.

St George’s Gate

St George’s Gate is right in the centre of Oxford, making it perfect for students wanting to make the most of the city.

St Thomas’

In the city centre near to the lively high street.

Summer Fields School

Summer Fields School is north of the city centre, a good walk from the main high street.

Wychwood School

In the north quarter of Oxford, not far from the River Cherwell.

Kings Oxford

At a 25-minute walk from the city centre, Kings Oxford isn’t one of the central residences of Oxford.

EF Oxford

A 5-minute walk from public transport routes into the city centre

Lampl Building

Located near Oxford Castle and the high street, Lampl is very central.

St Clare’s Campus

Very central and in a great location to explore the different Oxford neighbourhoods.