Oxford Summer Campuses 2024

Find your perfect Oxford summer campus for 2024.

Imperial College London

A large and diverse campus in South Kensington, Central London
0 Courses

Barnard College

An outstanding college affiliated with Columbia University
19 + Courses


Situated in beautiful natural surroundings at the foot of Scotland's Highlands.
0 Courses

University of San Francisco Colleges

Join the vibrant, inclusive community at the University of San Francisco, with Immerse Education
4 + Courses

Rochester Independent

A creatively-minded top British boarding school with a focus on university preparation - located just outside London.
0 Courses

Kellogg College Oxford

A graduate-only constituent college of the University of Oxford, renowned for its international and interdisciplinary focus and commitment to lifelong learning​​.
1 + Courses

Eton College

A world-famous British boarding school founded by King Henry VI, located near Windsor - home of the British Royal Family.
6 + Courses

Earlscliffe School

An independent school with an excellent reputation, located in the pretty seaside town of Folkestone.
5 + Courses

Canford School

Ranked among the top 10 most beautiful boarding schools in the UK, Canford is a stunning place to study.
5 + Courses

Jesus College Cambridge

Founded in the 12th century and centrally located, Jesus College is one of the largest Cambridge colleges.
0 Courses

Peterhouse College Cambridge

Cambridge’s oldest college, Peterhouse College is strikingly pretty and centrally located.
0 Courses

Oxford International College

With a fabulous Oxford city centre location, you're right in the heart of the action at the UK's top A-Level college.
2 + Courses

Tonbridge School

An internationally respected top 10 ranked boarding school, set in 150 acres and only 40 minutes from London.
0 Courses

Plumpton College

Perfect for sports and animal lovers, Plumpton College is a leading agricultural college just 30 minutes from the seaside town of Brighton.
1 + Courses

Oxford University Colleges

Study in the world-renowned colleges of the University of Oxford
183 + Courses

King Edward’s School

An impressive British boarding school with royal connections, located just an hour from both London and the English coastline.
0 Courses

King’s College London

Friendly self-catered accommodation in Central London.
3 + Courses

The University of Sydney

A stunning college at the heart of the University of Sydney, Australia's number one ranked university - located close to the beach and tourist attractions.
7 + Courses

Cambridge University Colleges

Live and study in the historic colleges of Cambridge University
170 + Courses

OIC Brighton

9 + Courses

Queen Mary University of London

A large campus with modern facilities, situated in the trendy East End.
0 Courses

University of Toronto

4 + Courses

St Andrews University

Historic university accommodation situated in beautiful grounds
11 + Courses

University College London

14 + Courses


A huge university campus with tons of outside space and a lot of amenities.
0 Courses

Harrow School

0 Courses

Balliol College

Less than a 5-minute walk from the famous sights of the city centre.
0 Courses

Brasenose College

On the main high street in the hustle and bustle of the city centre.
0 Courses

Christ Church College

In the city centre, very convenient for exploring all Oxford has to offer
0 Courses

The Queen’s College

On the high street in the city centre.
0 Courses

St Peter’s College

In the city centre, just off Oxford High Street.
0 Courses

St Catherine’s College

St Catherine’s College is conveniently located near the city centre and within walking distance of many of the city’s top attractions.
0 Courses

University College

Right in the city centre, only a few minutes away from the Radcliffe Camera.
0 Courses

Wadham College

Wadham College is a short walk from Oxford’s high street, which is full of shops, cafes and things to do.
0 Courses

Worcester College

Worcester College lies near a calming stream but is also a short distance from the more lively city centre.
0 Courses

Corpus Christi College

Just off the high street and near to the idyllic Christ Church Meadow.
31 + Courses

Exeter College

Right next to the Bodleian Library, in the striking Radcliffe Square, right in the centre of the city.
0 Courses

Lady Margaret Hall

Located near the city centre, Lady Margaret Hall is within an easy walking distance of the main city attractions.
13 + Courses

Lincoln College

Lincoln College is a stone’s throw away from the renowned Ashmolean Museum, the Natural History Museum and the calming University Parks.
0 Courses

Magdalen College

Magdalen College is on Oxford High Street, conveniently located for amenities and shopping.
0 Courses

Merton College

In the city centre, perfect for exploring the city, Christ Church Meadows, and other key sites.
0 Courses

New College

On the edge of the city centre, close to open fields and spaces to relax
0 Courses

Oriel College

A few minutes away from the heart of the city centre.
0 Courses

Pembroke College

Very central and in a great location to explore the different Oxford neighbourhoods.
28 + Courses

Somerville College

A short walk from the city centre and an even shorter walk to the University Parks.
0 Courses

St Anne’s College

St Anne’s is approximately a 15 minute walk from the centre of Oxford.
0 Courses

St Antony’s College

Not central but not far out - close to the north of city and Jericho and Park Town neighbourhoods.
0 Courses

St Benet’s Hall

A short walk from the city centre and close to the vibrant Jericho neighbourhood.
0 Courses

Trinity College

In the centre of the city near the stunning Bodleian Library.
0 Courses

St Edmund Hall

Located within the city centre, St Edmund Hall is just off the high street.
0 Courses

St Hilda’s College

A short stroll from the centre of the city.
1 + Courses

St Hugh’s College

Located in North Oxford, St Hugh’s is near some beautiful outdoor parks and the mesmerising Pitt Rivers Museum.
0 Courses

Wycliffe Hall

15 minutes from the city centre lies Wycliffe Hall, next to the expansive and peaceful University Parks.
0 Courses

D’Overbroeck’s School

d’Overbroeck’s is not centrally located and is approximately a 15-minute drive from the city centre.
6 + Courses

Headington School

A prestigious academic boarding school founded in 1915, Headington School is just a short walk into Oxford city centre.
5 + Courses

Oxford Brookes University

Three campuses spread around the city, varying from a few minutes distance to 30 minutes bus rides.
0 Courses

Rewley House

Close to Jeircho, a lively neighbourhood with eateries and buzzing entertainment.
0 Courses

Sibford School

Sibford School is North of Oxford near Banbury.
0 Courses

St Edward’s School

Located in Summertown, a short bus journey from the city centre.
0 Courses

St George’s Gate

St George’s Gate is right in the centre of Oxford, making it perfect for students wanting to make the most of the city.
12 + Courses

St Thomas’

In the city centre near to the lively high street.
12 + Courses

Summer Fields School

Summer Fields School is north of the city centre, a good walk from the main high street.
0 Courses

Wychwood School

In the north quarter of Oxford, not far from the River Cherwell.
0 Courses

Kings Oxford

At a 25-minute walk from the city centre, Kings Oxford isn’t one of the central residences of Oxford.
0 Courses

EF Oxford

A 5-minute walk from public transport routes into the city centre
0 Courses

Lampl Building

Located near Oxford Castle and the high street, Lampl is very central.
12 + Courses

St Clare’s Campus

Very central and in a great location to explore the different Oxford neighbourhoods.
0 Courses