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When asked to define the ideal leader, most people will cite difficult-to-pin-down qualities such as integrity, self-awareness, courage and empathy. Emotional intelligence is universally agreed to be vital. You’ll also need to be an excellent communicator, public speaker, debater and team player. If you plan to become Prime Minister or the head of a wildly successful global company, you’ll need exemplary leadership skills and perhaps a large dose of the ‘X factor’, but these traits will also be extremely useful in any future career in any industry that you can dream up, and in your life in general!

Get started with a leadership course in Oxford, Cambridge or London this summer 2024 and learn how to influence and inspire people, make ethical decisions and consider all angles of an argument for well-rounded choices. Practise public speaking and debate, lead your own team and craft your own start-up business plan!

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Leadership Summer School in Oxford

A lot of very successful individuals have lived and studied in Oxford. Follow in their footsteps with a leadership course in Oxford this year - some courses even include the opportunity to try your hand at public speaking in the magnificent Sheldonian Theatre!
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Leadership Summer School in Cambridge

Cambridge has a long history of educating leading business figures for the future and is often described as being Europe’s largest entrepreneurial ecosystem! Study leadership in Cambridge this summer!
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Leadership Summer School in London

A fast-moving, buzzing city packed with huge, global businesses, London is not for the faint-hearted. For future world leaders, groundbreaking entrepreneurs and business champions, it’s a playground!
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Best Leadership Summer Courses 2024

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