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How many people can come home after a day at work and know they’ve changed, or even saved, someone’s life? There are so many reasons to study medicine, and a summer course is a great way to get started and take the first step to making a real and important difference in people’s lives - whether that’s operating in a hospital theatre or working in a research lab to develop new vaccines.

With an interesting balance between theoretical and practical learning, learn from the best medical minds and explore subjects such as human disease, developmental biology, stem cells or regenerative medicine, and even learn about the breakthrough cures and treatments being discovered right now - medicine is alive, fast-developing and fascinating! A highly respected profession, doctors will always be in demand all over the world and there’s a very wide choice of careers - there are over 60 different specialities, such as anaesthesia, psychiatry, or surgery. And with four of the world’s top ten medicine universities located in the UK, a summer course in Oxford, Cambridge or London is a great springboard for your university application, and many courses will even help you navigate the process!

Why Choose Medicine for your 2024 Summer School?


Medicine Summer School in Oxford

There’s no better place to study medicine than Oxford; its university was ranked number one for medicine in the world for 2023, and it has its own hospital that is pioneering treatments for some of the most pressing medical challenges facing the world today!
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Medicine Summer School in Cambridge

As always, Cambridge is neck and neck with Oxford - coming in at second place for medicine in recent rankings. Its university has been helping to advance medical knowledge for centuries and many summer courses even use academics of the university itself as teachers!
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Medicine Summer School in London

With three out of the world’s top 10 universities in the world for medicine being located in London (that’s Kings, UCL and Imperial), the cosmopolitan and exciting city of London is a fantastic choice for a medicine course this summer - and it’s also a lot of fun!
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Best Medicine Summer Schools 2024

Best Medicine Summer Courses 2024

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