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Are you ready to find your perfect Oxford summer school experience for this summer? The Oxford Summer Courses Guide is designed to help students find the best summer schools in Oxford each year. Use our extensive guide to browse courses, explore providers and learn who we rate to be the very best Oxford Summer School. Our guide spans more than 250 courses, 50 campuses and 30 providers – no other directory of summer courses in Oxford provides such a comprehensive overview and guidance. With so many summer schools to choose from each year, it’s important to make an informed decision and select the best program for you based on the academic and cultural experiences each school offers. Our OSCG official ratings system seeks to find the very best summer schools in Oxford each year, providing helpful guidance to students, parents and groups. At the heart of our rankings are the quality of tuition, the experience of Oxford, student welfare facilities, the cultural programme and more.

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With so many summer schools in Oxford to choose from, it can be a daunting task trying to select the best one for you. Our advisors are on hand to help match you with the best summer school for your needs. Get started by filling in the form below or by contacting apply@oxfordsummerschools.com.

For Parents, Guardians and Students

With all the pressures of school, studying in the summer may not be the first thing that comes to mind for a young person! But summer study can provide academic and cultural learning unmatched by school, and there’s no place to benefit from this like Oxford with a summer camp. With a huge range of courses and providers to choose from, read our pick of the very best Oxford summer camps for teens.

For Adults Aged 19+

While most summer schools tend to have high-school students as their primary audience, there are some fantastic Oxford summer schools for adults available, offering a taste of Oxford’s cultural and entertainment scene in conjunction with some fascinating academic programmes. These include trips to some of Oxford’s finest restaurants, its ancient pubs and some of the quirkier elements of its night life. Here we list our best Oxford summer schools for adults this summer.

For Schools, Agents & Groups

If you are organising a group study trip to Oxford this summer, please contact apply@oxfordsummerschools.com to discuss the best options for your programme. Our team of advisors would be delighted to design a bespoke summer programme based on your requirements for your school or group. We can assist with:

  • designing your programme, ensuring a suitable mix of academics and extracurriculars;
  • helping arrange travel inside the UK;
  • assisting with Visas;
  • Arranging specific trips to historic sites in the UK;
  • Providing a range of assistance for your group during your stay; 

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