Cambridge University Colleges

Live and study in the historic colleges of Cambridge University

Experience an Authentic Cambridge University Summer Experience

  • Experience life as a Cambridge undergraduate
  • Live in authentic student college accommodation
  • Study in teaching rooms and lecture theatres of Cambridge University
  • Enjoy meals in college dining halls

Living and studying in one of Cambridge’s historic University colleges, dating from the 13th Century when the oldest college – Peterhouse – was founded, is the best way to enjoy a Cambridge summer study experience. With their unique quadrangles, sweeping gardens and lofty towers, the colleges of the University (there are 31 in total) offer an unparalleled place to spend a summer of academic and cultural enrichment. All summer school providers featured on our site offer accommodation in authentic college premises, but it is best to check on the specific provider website closer to the summer to find out which college premises your course will take place on.


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