Psychology Summer Schools

Fascinating Psychology summer experiences in prestigious universities, including Oxford.

Psychology Summer Schools

Embrace the human experience!

Explore the amazing diversity of the human experience with a psychology course this summer 2023! Dive into the scientific study of why and how people (and even animals) think, behave and feel; examine memory, personality, language and mental health and have an impact on society in far-reaching fields such as child development, forensics, law enforcement and education. Ask compelling questions such as, ‘what is intelligence?’, ‘why do we dream?’, and ‘which is stronger - nature or nurture?’

A thrillingly new science (most advances have happened over only the past 150 years or so) psychology is also one of the fastest growing and most transferable professions. Choose a psychology course this summer 2023 in exciting locations including Oxford, Cambridge and London: a smart choice for those considering a Psychology degree course at a top UK university.


Psychology Summer School in Oxford

Wander the honey-hued, cobbled streets of Oxford as you ponder some of life’s greatest psychological mysteries this summer 2023, whilst studying a Psychology summer course in the historic and intellectually-inspiring city of Oxford.
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Psychology Summer School in Cambridge

Take a psychology summer course in splendid surroundings: drift along the river Cam on a punt and enjoy the compact city’s tranquil green spaces as you debate all of the complexity of the human experience with your fellow students in Cambridge.
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Psychology Summer School in London

Think critically about the wonders of the human brain and learn from the best in London, one of the world’s leading centres for research in psychiatry and psychology.
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