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Welcome to the digital revolution!

Computers rule our modern world. They directly affect almost every single aspect of our lives and are ever-present in every industry imaginable. As our dynamic digital world continually evolves, our need for computer scientists to design, develop and apply technology software continues to grow exponentially. Choose a summer computer science course in Oxford or Cambridge this summer and you’ll explore a range of programming principles and languages - such as Python and CSS - and get to grips with coding, software development and interface creation. You might get to create your own animation, video game or even a robot!

With excellent graduate job prospects, salaries and the ability to flexibly work worldwide, computer science isn’t only fascinating, it’s also a very smart choice for your future.

Why Choose Computer Science for your 2024 Summer School?


Computer Science Summer School in Oxford

Oxford is ranked as the best university in the UK for computer science and is home to a community of world-class research and teaching. Surround yourself with ambitious, like-minded peers with a computer science summer course this summer!
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Computer Science Summer School in Cambridge

Cambridge is a great choice for a summer computer science course! Alan Turing, the famous World War II codebreaker, studied here, and nowadays Cambridge is famous for its cluster of over 1,000 specialist computing and tech companies, known as ‘Silicon Fen’.
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Best Computer Science Summer Schools 2024

Best Computer Science Summer Courses 2024

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