Best Oxford Summer Schools 2023

View the Oxford Summer Courses Guide's rankings for the top Oxford Summer Schools 2023.

About our Rankings

Each year, the Oxford Summer Courses Guide produces a table of rankings for summer schools taking place in Oxford. Our rankings are objective and unbiased, looking at a range of criteria to establish the provider category and score. At the heart of our rankings are the quality of tuition, the experience of Oxford, student welfare facilities, the cultural programme and more. We use a range of tools to evaluate providers, a key part of which are student reviews from alumni.

Bronze Standard Provider

  • 5-10 years in operation
  • Accredited Program
  • Student reviews available
  • A range of courses available in 2023

Silver Standard Provider

  • 10+ years of running summer schools
  • Student reviews widely available
  • Excellent Oxford campuses, including university, boarding school or study centres
  • Learn with qualified tutors

Gold Standard Provider

  • Established for more than 10 years
  • Fully accredited by all major bodies
  • Excellent and accessible student reviews
  • Authentic Oxford University college campuses
  • Study with top academics & tutors
  • Flexible booking options + extras

The Top 3 Summer Schools in Oxford for 2023


The below summer schools have been judged of sufficiently good quality to appear in our guide for 2022.