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Solve the big questions that science can’t touch!

Philosophy is the study of life’s burning questions. Can there be life after death? Is there a real difference between right and wrong, and how should punishment be used? Should non-humans have rights? Channel Plato and Socrates and tap into 2,000 years of wisdom to find your own answers to the big questions science simply can’t solve. The study of philosophy is intellectually stimulating and truly fascinating. It’s not just learning a subject, it’s asking wide-ranging, fundamental questions about humanity and our world and coming up with your own individual ideas. It encourages precise, rigorous arguments through logic, critical thinking and rationality - all of which are incredibly valuable academic and life tools.

Delve into epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and even political philosophy (‘to what extent should the state interfere in the lives of its citizens?') with a summer philosophy course in Oxford or Cambridge this summer 2024!

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Philosophy Summer School in Oxford

Philosophy has been studied in Oxford for over 800 years, and some of the world's greatest philosophers have lived here, including John Duns Scotus and John Locke. Be inspired by Oxford as you search for your own answers this summer!
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Philosophy Summer School in Cambridge

Ponder life’s greatest mysteries in sublime surroundings, in the city that transformed the discipline of philosophy in the 19th century, making Cambridge the most important centre for philosophy in the English-speaking world.
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