Pembroke College

Very central and in a great location to explore the different Oxford neighbourhoods.

Why choose a summer course at Pembroke College?

  • College pianos for students to use
  • Library
  • Sports ground
  • Boat house

J.R.R. Tolkien is just one of the notable alumni to have been swept up in the magic of Pembroke College. Since 1624, the College has admitted many famous faces, like Samuel Johnson, Sir William Blackstone and King Abdullah of Jordan. Modern day students might be attracted to the beautiful Chapel Quad, thought by many to be among the most stunning quads at Oxford University, whilst others may be more drawn to the recent, modern Quad that opened in 2013. Pembroke College is also well located for all kinds of activities, being only a short walk from Westgate shopping centre and the lush Christ Church Meadow.

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