Magdalen College

Magdalen College is on Oxford High Street, conveniently located for amenities and shopping.

Why choose a summer course at Magdalen College?

  • Student common rooms
  • Cricket, football, hockey and rugby pitches
  • All-weather pitch for hockey, lacrosse and five-a-side football
  • Tennis courts
  • Boathouse
  • Three squash courts

One of the first things to learn about Magdalen College is how to pronounce its name. Although it looks like Mag-da-lin it is actually pronounced by many as Maud-lin. Once you’ve got your head around the seemingly bizarre pronunciation, the next thing to know about Magdalen College is it may be the hidden location of Narnia. Well, maybe not literally, but famous author C.S.Lewis studied and resided within the historic and inspirational halls of Magdalen in the 20th century. Modern day students come here to discover for themselves what is in the Magdalen waters that inspires such academic achievement, and to try and utilise the magic of the College in their own endeavours.

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