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Fascinating science summer courses in world-class locations including Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Help shape the world with science!

Study the sciences and you’ll be at the very epicentre of human endeavour and scientific discovery - and it’s an extraordinary place to be! Explore the most significant and cutting-edge breakthroughs in medicine, genetics and nanotechnology, move humanity’s understanding of the universe forward, and find new ways to live sustainably in it.

Choose from a wide array of stimulating science subjects for a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience! Discover how the brain’s chemistry dictates how we think, feel and act on a fascinating Neuroscience course, get your brain into gear and dive into thermodynamics in Chemistry or astrophysics in Physics, or explore the eye-opening controversy in genetics on a Biotechnology course. Change or save a life in a hospital theatre or research lab by starting with a Medicine course, brace yourself against climate change and explore the political and economic context of environmental challenges, or even try out Zoology, Psychology or Astronomy! Whether you choose a science summer course in Oxford, Cambridge or London, the UK is an excellent choice: many of history’s most amazing discoveries have been made here and we continue to be one of the most innovative countries in the world. We have three of the world’s top ten universities for science and we’ve produced 91 Nobel Prize winners over the years!

Why Choose Science for your 2024 Summer School?


Science Summer School in Oxford

Ranked as being in the top 5 globally for science and medicine, the University of Oxford is the heart and soul of Oxford (and many summer schools are based on-campus), with Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking among its most remarkable scientist alumni.
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Science Summer School in Cambridge

Cambridge has given the world some truly amazing scientific discoveries: evolution (Charles Darwin studied here), IVF, the UK's first successful heart transplant, and more Nobel Prize winners than any other institution in the world. Study science here and join them!
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Science Summer School in London

London is a science powerhouse, with more universities ranked in the world’s top 25 than any other city, and plenty of science career opportunities. It’s also home to a dazzling selection of (usually free) museums, including the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the Royal Observatory.
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Best Science Summer Schools 2024

Best Science Summer Courses 2024

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