Philosophy & PPE Summer School in Oxford

The John Locke Institute summer courses challenge students to think critically about history, philosophy, politics, economics, and law, fostering intellectual growth in a global academic community.


The John Locke Institute’s Oxford Philosophy Summer School offers an intellectually stimulating and enriching experience for young students aged 16-19. This program encompasses three distinct summer schools: Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE), History, Politics & Law (HPL), and the Foundation Certificate. Regardless of the chosen academic path, the Institute’s philosophy remains the same: to gather the brightest young minds from around the world and engage them with thought-provoking professors who encourage critical thinking, intellectual humility, and effective communication. These summer schools focus on honing intellectual skills rather than merely conveying facts, aiming to transform participants into more sophisticated thinkers with enhanced flexibility and open-mindedness. Whether delving into the multifaceted realms of PPE, exploring the intersections of history, politics, and law, or pursuing a comprehensive foundation in philosophy, politics, economics, and history, students can expect a profound intellectual journey. Accommodation, meals, and various activities are provided, along with access to campus sports facilities and personal laundry service. The program includes excursions to explore the historic city of Oxford, immersing students in its rich academic tradition and inspiring them to aspire to higher standards of intellectual growth and exploration.

  • Explore Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE), and History, Politics & Law (HPL) courses
  • Engage with critical thinking and debate in an academic setting
  • Experience tailored teaching from experts in a historic Oxford environment
  • Participate in a diverse international student community
  • Develop persuasive writing and argumentation skills
  • Enjoy cultural and educational excursions in Oxford
  • Complete a Foundation Certificate to prepare for university studies.
What's Included?
  • All tuition and learning materials
  • Accommodation in Oxford
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Why Choose John Locke Institute?

Choose the Oxford Summer Schools by the John Locke Institute if you’re aged 16-19 and seek intellectual enrichment. The JLI’s programs in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE), History, Politics & Law (HPL) bring together top students from around the world to learn from inspiring professors, fostering critical thinking and intellectual skills.

Company Description

The John Locke Institute offers intensive academic programs, including summer schools in Oxford and Princeton and gap year courses, aimed at challenging and enriching students academically. With faculty drawn from leading universities worldwide, the Institute focuses on subjects across the humanities and social sciences. Emphasizing independent thought, clear reasoning, and persuasive style, it encourages students to engage deeply with their subjects, fostering a global understanding and critical analysis skills. The programs are designed for close engagement with world-class academics, blending innovative and traditional learning techniques to help students reach their potential

  • Established summer school
  • Course graduation and certificate
  • Verified profile on the OSCG site
  • Meet students from all over the world
  • Study with top academics & tutors
  • Flexible booking options + extras

Dates & Fees

  • Fees from: / 2 weeks
  • Dates: 6 August - 19 August
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Age Range: 16-19
Accreditations and Awards

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