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Law is extraordinary, reaching into every aspect of human life and underpinning how societies around the world function. Studying makes a difference in people’s lives, supporting the fight against injustice and protecting the most vulnerable in society. As a career, law is extremely versatile with literally hundreds of different pathways. Lawyers are indispensable in government (Barack Obama studied law, for example), finance, international relations, healthcare, media and even in families. You can specialise in anything from trade to immigration to criminal law. So get started this summer with a summer school law course in Oxford, Cambridge or London!

Why Choose Law for your 2024 Summer School?


Law Summer School in Oxford

Surround yourself with like-minded peers and soak up the intellectualism that permeates this academic powerhouse of a city! And outside of class, give that brain a well-deserved break - the vibrant city of Oxford has tons of interesting museums, shops and cafes to enjoy!
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Law Summer School in Cambridge

Join the debate and dissect perplexing legal cases with your fellow law students as you enjoy charming Cambridge’s beautiful green spaces, sublime river and eclectic mix of restaurants, theatres and independent bookshops!
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Law Summer School in London

Learn about law from the inside out in the colossal, cosmopolitan city of London, home to some of the world’s biggest and best law firms and global businesses - and be perfectly placed to launch your law career afterwards!
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Best Law Summer Schools 2024

Best Law Summer Courses 2024

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