4 Reasons to Choose London for Your Summer School 2024

4 Reasons to Choose London for Your Summer School 2024

In this post we explore summer camps in the UK's mighty capital city - London.



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February 15, 2024

Enjoy All That London Has to Offer

There’s nothing quite like being in the UK’s capital city! It has the very best that British culture has to offer, including restaurants, cafes, shopping centres such as Harrods, museums including the British Museum, theatres on the West End with their famous musicals and more. And for every world-famous attraction are yet more hidden gems for you to find, whether on foot or from the upper deck of an iconic red London bus, feasting your eyes on the city around you. If art and history are your cup of tea, many galleries and museums are, unbelievably, free of charge.

But perhaps the main characteristic of London is not its sites but its culture. London is a melting pot of a city, even more so in the summer when students from all over the world come to spend the summer at London’s multitude of camps. So, not only do you gain culturally, but you also gain in outlook – widening your experience by sharing a classroom with fellow travellers from all over the world – some of whom could become lasting friends.

Experience World-Beating London Universities

Wherever in London your chosen summer camp takes place, from Queen Mary College in the East End to Harrow School in the North, you’ll reap the benefits of an education steeped in everything London stands for: to give the best education to all learners; to commit to the values of tolerance and belonging. In other words, you will be part of a hub of diversity, inclusion and excellence.

There are 17 independent federation members dotted throughout the capital, which include University College, Imperial College and Kings College to name 3 of the best, whose alumni include Nobel prize winners, politicians, scientists and human rights activists. Nelson Mandela studied Law in London.

Although these institutions are distinct from one another, there is a main base for the universities at Senate House ‘an art-deco skyscraper’. It is a huge, exciting building, towering into the skyline. The library there is phenomonal, being one of the largest academic libraries in the UK.

Choose from an Outstanding Range of Summer Programs

Top London summer school providers run courses in some of London’s finest institutions including King’s College; University College; Queen Mary College; Imperial, King’s and also Harrow School. Many of these providers started their journey in Oxford and Cambridge and have since expanded to London among other cities, bringing with them a focus on academic excellence inspired by their Oxbridge origins. Browse all London Summer Courses here.

Why choose London rather than Oxbridge?

Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) are similar in that they are both small enough to get to know in just a few days on foot, with their many colleges, museums, parks and other sites easily accessible. Both cities also have quaint rivers on which to explore the quintessentially ‘Oxbridge’ activity of punting! London is more expansive, buzzing and faster moving – a truly global capital city and the centre of the UK’s thriving banking and services industries. Although you will still get an intimate and familial college feeling in your campus, the sense of being in a capital city will never be far away, whether through the need to use the ‘tube’ to explore its many sites or the fact that the city never truly sleeps. So if that sounds more like your ‘cup of tea’ as the British say, then London could be the summer destination for you!