Immerse Education: Unveiling Excellence with Hannah Kedward

Unveiling Excellence with Hannah Kedward

In an enlightening dialogue, Hannah Kedward, the Head of New Market Operations at Immerse Education, offers a deep dive into the organization's commitment to delivering unparalleled summer educational experiences around the globe. Here are her insights:



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March 11, 2024

Hannah Kedward

Q: Could you share insights into your background and your current role at Immerse?

A: My academic journey at Oxford was rich with opportunities to engage with a diverse group of young people, shaping my passion for educational outreach. My summers were spent facilitating camps similar to Immerse, where I led excursions and activities for international students. Today, I am fortunate to orchestrate such experiences worldwide, ensuring that Immerse Education students benefit from a similarly enriching environment.

Q: What does your role entail on a daily basis?

A: As the Head of New Market Operations, my days are dedicated to overseeing the operational planning and delivery of our programs across various global locations, including San Francisco, New York, Toronto, and Sydney. My focus is on ensuring that every student enjoys an exceptional experience, supported by our devoted pastoral staff. This involves strategic coordination, logistical management, and a steadfast commitment to quality and student support.

Q: Why would you recommend parents to send their children to study abroad with Immerse?

A: Studying abroad offers students a unique blend of cultural immersion, independence, personal growth, and academic enrichment. These experiences are invaluable, broadening students’ perspectives and equipping them with skills and insights that prepare them for future challenges. It’s a transformative journey that we’re proud to offer at Immerse.

Q: Do you have any advice for students and parents to make the most of their time with Immerse?

A: To truly benefit from the Immerse experience, I encourage students to fully engage with the local culture, step out of their comfort zones, and remain both curious and reflective. These practices not only enhance personal growth but also allow students to uncover new interests and talents, enriching their educational journey.

Q: How is Immerse growing, and what future developments excite you the most?

A: Each year, we strive to expand our academic portfolio to offer more choices to our students, enabling them to discover courses that ignite their passion and support their academic and career pathways. In 2024, we’re excited to introduce Natural Sciences, Criminology, and Biotechnology to our Academic Insights program. Additionally, our Career Insights courses will now include Software Development & AI, Banking & Finance, and Marketing & Entertainment. These new courses, especially in vibrant locations like New York and San Francisco, signify Immerse’s dynamic growth and our commitment to fostering diverse and impactful learning experiences.

Q: How does Immerse approach the design and creation of new courses?

A: At Immerse, our course creation is deeply rooted in our manifesto and values. The genesis of any new course hinges on its alignment with these core principles. Our design process emphasizes experiential learning, with a keen focus on project-based instruction. We aim to make university-level content accessible and engaging for our learners, placing them at the heart of an interactive and dynamic learning experience that not only solidifies knowledge but also hones critical skills.

Q: Can you elaborate on what sets Immerse’s education philosophy apart from other summer schools?

A: What differentiates Immerse is our unwavering commitment to experiential education as a key pillar of personal development. Unlike traditional classroom-focused summer schools, our courses are crafted to promote hands-on learning through project work and practical experiences. This approach provides our students with unique opportunities for self-discovery, goal-setting, and skill enhancement, offering educational journeys that transcend conventional learning paradigms.

Q: In an era dominated by online learning, why is residential summer education still crucial?

A: Residential summer education stands out for its comprehensive approach to learning, which video tutoring alone cannot replicate. It fosters a holistic environment that encourages personal growth, independence, and community engagement. These elements are vital for a well-rounded education and personal development, making residential programs an essential component of modern education.

Q: If you had to choose one course that excites you the most this summer, which would it be and why?

A: Choosing just one is challenging, but the Fashion and Design course in New York captures my imagination. It offers students an unparalleled deep dive into the fashion industry, integrating classroom learning with visits to design labs and manufacturing facilities. This course stands out for providing a real-world perspective on fashion in one of the world’s fashion capitals.

Q: For our final question, why should students choose Immerse?

A: Immerse represents more than just an educational program; it’s a transformative journey that pushes students beyond their comfort zones. Guided by expert tutors and industry professionals, students gain a high-quality education enriched with practical insights. Beyond academics, Immerse is an opportunity to forge unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships with a diverse group of peers. It’s an adventure that fosters independence, encourages new experiences, and equips students with the confidence and skills needed to thrive in their future academic and professional endeavors.

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