Top 10 Best Summer Schools for Future Doctors 2023

Top 10 Best Summer Schools for Future Doctors 2023

Calling all future doctors! There are tons of fantastic reasons to dedicate your summer 2023 to the study of medicine (and have a lot of fun in the process!) but where do you start? Medicine is an extremely popular summer course. If you're wondering which course is best for kids, teens or adults, how the course content compares, or which will get you into a top UK university, don't worry, we've sifted through the mind-bending array of options out there for you - and the results are now in! Read on for our essential guide to the very best medicine summer courses available in summer 2023 in Oxford, Cambridge and other renowned locations. Register today!



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April 15, 2023

Studying medicine is a privilege. Doctors witness humanity at its very best and very worse and play a pivotal role in societies all over the world. How many people can come home after a day at work and know they’ve changed, or even saved, a life? Doctors have the power to minimise pain and improve quality of life, help people to recover faster and live longer, they fight pandemics and help shape public health standards and policy decisions. Every day is different for a doctor: every case is a new puzzle with its own unique set of problems to solve. 

A career in medicine provides constant mental stimulation and the continuous opportunity to learn. It empowers you to truly help people. If you’ve got a curious and innately scientific mind, sharp critical thinking skills and are driven to make a tangible difference in people’s minds, you’ll excel in medicine. It’s also one of the most practical, hands-on careers out there – perfect for those who like to do, not just study.

A summer medicine course is a fantastic way to get on the first rung of the ladder. Learn from the best medical minds at world-leading academic institutions and dive into fascinating subjects including human anatomy and disease, biotechnology, genetics and neurology. Examine Zika and Ebola as case studies to understand how pandemics happen, explore medical ethics and its copious shades of grey, and engage with the most cutting-edge innovations impacting medical research and practice today, including robotic surgery! Apply the theory and learn how internal systems interact by doing your own dissections!

You’re in hot demand! 

A highly respected and well-paid profession, doctors will always be in demand all over the world (the WHO predicts that the global shortage of doctors could reach 10 million by 2030) and there’s a very wide choice of careers; there are over 60 different specialities. Specialise in anaesthesia, psychiatry or surgery, or opt for one of the myriad other healthcare industry roles – advise governments on policy or place yourself at the forefront of innovation by changing healthcare for the better through technology or engineering.

Fabulous locations!

With four of the world’s top ten medicine universities located in the UK, a summer course in Oxford, Cambridge or London is a great springboard for your university application, and many summer schools will even help you navigate the notoriously complicated process. Choose Oxford to study medicine with the very best; its university was ranked number one for medicine in the world for 2023. London boasts three out of the world’s top 10 universities in the world for medicine and Cambridge is a captivating city that absolutely radiates academic prestige. Or hop across the pond to Yale University in the USA and find out why this famed Ivy League institution is so internationally renowned for its medical research and teaching.

Get the ball rolling!

But which medicine course should you sign up for? Which is best for kids, teens and adults, and how does the course content compare? And the burning question: which will get you into a top UK university? Don’t get your stethoscope in a twist! Read on for our essential guide to the crème de la crème of the medicine summer courses available in summer 2023 in Oxford, London, Cambridge and other renowned locations.

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Top 10 Best Medicine Courses for 2023

Best for Kids  |   ‘Medicine Explorers’  |  Oxford Summer Courses, Oxford

By far the best option for the youngest learners (ages 8-12) who are keen to take the very first step towards becoming a doctor. This course is about inspiring curious young minds and helping to gently cultivate an ongoing interest in medicine. A highly interactive and immersive course, students will explore fascinating topics such as how the body heals and what it’s really like to work as a doctor.

Best for Ages 13-15  |  ‘Medicine: Academic Insights’  |  Immerse Education, Cambridge

An exceptional introductory course that expertly blends the theoretical with the practical, students aged 13-15 will learn key theories within medicine whilst also developing the key practical skills required to be a doctor or researcher. See first-hand how internal systems function through a series of dissections – this course is not for the squeamish! 

Best for Ages 16-18  |  ‘Curing the Future: Medicine and Disease’  |  Oxford Royale, Oxford

Dive into the cutting-edge world of medicine and disease and learn what it takes to work in the medical profession as a doctor or nurse in the 21st Century (and how to apply for a medical degree at a top university). This dynamic course for ages 16-18 provides a broad introduction to the human body and mind, with a focus on human anatomy and physiology. 

Best for Adults  |  ‘International Medical Research and Practice II: Practitioner’  |  Oxford Royale, Oxford

An advanced medicine course designed for the serious medical student (ages 19+) interested in accelerating their clinical skills and building upon their existing knowledge, this exciting course focuses on biotechnology and the cutting-edge innovations currently taking the medical world by storm, including developments in artificial intelligence, robotic surgery and telemedicine. An ideal course for ambitious university-level medical students looking to get ahead academically, explore different career pathways, or for those considering a biotechnology specialism in the future.

Not quite there yet? Check out International Medical Research and Practice I: Foundation (Oxford Royale, Oxford, ages 19+), which specifically supports students in preparing successful applications to top medical schools, including interview skills and personal statement support, and offers insights into the varied medical career pathways available. You’ll also get to practise your clinical and lab skills through medical simulations.

Best All-Rounder  |  ‘Medicine’  |  Summer Boarding Courses, Oxford

A great all-rounder course for ages 16-17 that offers a solid introduction to both medical theory and practice, as well as practical support in applying to study medicine at university, including how to write a killer personal statement, prepare for interviews, and feel confident in public speaking. Topics covered on this course include human anatomy, epidemiology, pathology, pharmacology and biochemistry, as well as a surgery workshop! You’ll also graduate the course with a First Aid qualification. Choose this course if you want a taste of everything!

Best in the USA  |  ‘Explore Medicine’  |  Oxford Royale, Yale

Spend summer 2023 at Yale University in the USA on this great introductory medicine course for ages 13-15, with its focus on practical skills in human anatomy and physiology. Considered by many to be one of the best universities in the world, Yale is also the third oldest university in the United States and boasts 52 Nobel Prize winners as alumni, including five US presidents. Where better to take the very first step to becoming a doctor! 

Most Unusual  |  ‘The Biology of Disease’  |  Oxbridge Academic, Oxford

Did you know that HIV, malaria and tuberculosis are (still, in 2023!) responsible for 10% of all deaths in the world, every year? This jaw-dropping interdisciplinary medical course investigates the biology of disease and turns case studies of Ebola, SARS, and Zika inside out. It explores fascinating topics including animal models of human disease, cancer treatment strategies, the genetics behind disease and its interaction with the environment, as well as Karyotypic analysis and the role of oncogenes in tumour treatment. An academically robust and challenging course, this one is ideal for the ambitious and curious pre-university student (ages 15-18) looking to expand their biology knowledge and explore a possible future specialism.

Most Specialised  |  ‘Sports Medicine’  |  Oxbridge Academic, Cambridge

If you live and breathe sports and are intrigued by exciting sports medicine careers such as being an athletic trainer, sports medicine physician, physical therapist or sports psychologist, this excellent course offers a brilliant grounding. It explores biomechanics, sports psychology and exercise physiology, including diet and fitness regimes. You’ll also address the ethical questions surrounding the use of special surgery and doping (such as steroids) in sports. A must for students aged 15-18 who are considering a university degree or career in sports medicine!

Best Online  |  ‘Medicine: Online Insights’  |  Immerse Education, Online

If you lack the time or budget for a residential course, or are looking for a way to ‘try out’ medicine before committing to longer-term study (smart move!), Immerse offer a multitude of online courses that transport the highlights of its residential programmes onto a state-of-the-art online teaching platform, including this excellent introductory medicine course for ages 13-18. You’ll explore the key systems that keep us alive, learn how drugs affect the functioning of these, and be introduced to current groundbreaking medical research advances. You’ll learn through virtual seminars, one-to-one tutorials and skills workshops.

Best in Biology  |  ‘Biotechnology and Genetics’  |  Oxford Summer Courses, Cambridge

A thought-provoking and interesting course suitable for those aged 13-15 who enjoy biology, want to get ahead academically and are considering a medical career in the future. Has the first person who’ll live to 1,000 already been born? Investigate exciting questions like these in terms of cell biology as well as the ethical controversy that surrounds the subject, and explore the most significant current breakthroughs in medicine, pharmacology and agriculture – and what the future has in store for us!

Ready to take the plunge?

Kickstart the summer of a lifetime and take the first step towards an immensely rewarding career in medicine: register for a summer course in 2023 with one of our elite providers in Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious locations! Want to talk it over with one of our friendly team? Get in touch! 

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