Oxford Summer Language Programmes for Adults

Summer English courses for adults, focusing on language improvement, cultural awareness, and a range of activities in Oxford's historic setting.


The St Clare’s Oxford Summer Language Program for Adults offers an excellent opportunity to enhance English language skills in the heart of Oxford. With courses spanning 2+ weeks, including options such as English for Life, English for Exam Preparation, Business and Leadership, and Online Personal Language Training, this program caters to diverse language needs. With a strong reputation built over 70 years of teaching academic English to non-native speakers, participants benefit from expert teaching in small classes, fostering a supportive study environment for individualized progress.

The program encourages a sense of global community, as students from around the world come together to learn, practice, and make lasting friendships. Interactive lessons and engaging Weekly Themes create an immersive learning experience. Weekly excursions and Study Visits provide insights into the UK’s rich heritage and culture, while Oxford’s beautiful architecture and parks offer a picturesque backdrop for learning.

Participants can also explore various cultural activities, from visiting local markets and enjoying theater outings to punting on the River Thames and shopping in London. Oxford’s academic resources, including world-famous museums, libraries, and art galleries, enrich the learning journey. Located conveniently close to transport routes, Oxford offers ample opportunities to travel and explore the UK.

The St Clare’s Oxford Summer Language Program for Adults ensures that learners not only improve their language skills but also gain cross-cultural awareness in a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment. With a focus on topical language content and a wide range of activities, this program offers a memorable and enriching summer experience for adults.

  • Improve your English with tailored courses
  • Engage in a vibrant learning environment
  • Explore Oxford's rich history and culture
  • Benefit from expert teaching
  • Connect with adults from around the world
  • Enjoy a diverse range of activities and excursions
  • Utilize Oxford's academic resources for an immersive experience.
What's Included?
  • All tuition (20 + hrs / week)
  • Central, full-board accommodation, either residency or homestay
  • Varied social programme in Oxford
  • At least 1 excursion per week on all courses
  • Travel insurance
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Why Choose St Clare's?

Choose the St. Clare’s, Oxford Summer Adults program if you’re 18+ and looking to enhance your English language skills. Over 2+ weeks, you can select from various courses, including English for Life, Exam Preparation, Business and Leadership, and Online Personal Language Training. Benefit from expert teaching, small class sizes, and a global community of students. Engage in interactive lessons, explore the UK’s heritage on excursions, and enjoy Oxford’s rich academic resources. Dive into weekly themes that provide a topical context to your learning. This program offers a fantastic opportunity to improve your language skills in a supportive and diverse environment.

Company Description

St Clare’s, Oxford, founded in 1953, is a unique international college offering students from all over the world the opportunity to pursue a first-class education in Oxford. Celebrating over 70 years of educational excellence, it provides a range of programs, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, university preparation courses, and English language learning. St Clare’s is dedicated to advancing international education and understanding, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically and culturally. With a mission to rebuild links between British and European students post-World War II, it has grown into a vibrant community that values diversity and global perspectives

  • Established summer school
  • Course graduation and certificate
  • Verified profile on the OSCG site
  • Meet students from all over the world
  • Study with top academics & tutors
  • Flexible booking options + extras

Dates & Fees

  • Fees from: £420 - £1,990 / 2+ weeks
  • Dates: June, July, August
  • Duration: 2+ weeks
  • Age Range: 18+
Accreditations and Awards
British Council
English UK
D of E
Quality English
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