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Top reasons for choosing an oxford Summer School this summer

Why Choose An Oxford Summer School?

Oxford’s story is centuries old. Starting its tale as a medieval settlement named Oxenaforda (meaning a river crossing for oxen), Oxford is now world-renowned as the home of one of the leading academic institutions in the world. There’s much more to Oxford than meets than eye, and once you’ve meandered alongside the rippling rivers, marvelled at the age-old architecture and roamed through the eye-opening museum collections, you’ll find yourself enchanted by the City of Dreaming Spires.



blend of the old and new

Oxford is a modern city that keeps one foot in the past. The cobbled streets and skyscraping spires reveal the historical side of Oxford, whilst the bustling Westgate shopping centre and lively Cowley Road show a much more modern perspective of the city. For students who want to spend the summer exploring the traditional aspects of a British city combined with modern pastimes, Oxford is just the place.



Outstanding Historic Attractions

There is always something to do in Oxford, whether that be exploring one of the University Colleges, climbing the Carfax Tower or buying a book in the world-famous Blackwell’s Bookstore. It’s the perfect city for those with a thirst for exploration and discovery, especially as much of the city is walkable. Check out the links below for a landmark map and virtual tour of the city.

map of top sites

Check out Oxford City Guide's map of the most famous Oxford attractions to visit during your summer school. Make sure to make a list before you come!

oxford virtual tour

This fantastic resource by the Oxford University Chemistry faculty allows students to explore the city of Oxford virtually.

Discover Oxford's Colleges

Most colleges have their very own virtual tour, which you can explore on the official Oxford University website. A great way to explore your campus before arriving.


Colleges make up the University of Oxford


The year teaching began in Oxford



Follow in the footsteps of greatness

Oxford University has inspired many famous academics and notable figures since 1096, including 28 British Prime Ministers, 55 Nobel Prize winners and 120 Olympic Gold medal winners. Prepare to embrace the scholarly spirit that courses through the city’s veins and take inspiration from the many gifted individuals who have visited before you.