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In a nutshell, economics is the all-encompassing study of how people make choices. As individuals, families and countries, we make difficult choices about how to use limited resources to meet our needs and wants. It’s a complex balancing act. And it’s an economist’s job to respond to threats and opportunities - based on the money, time and information available - when things change. An economist might design policy to protect the most vulnerable in society whilst encouraging employment and innovation, or try to reduce carbon emissions in a cost-effective way.

An economics course this summer will help you to understand people, businesses, markets and governments. You’ll learn about microeconomics and macroeconomics, game theory and globalisation, and open up diverse future career paths in finance, business and data science. And as one of the UK’s highest paid graduate salaries, a summer economics course in Oxford or Cambridge is a great starting move ahead of embarking on an economics degree at a top UK university!

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Economics Summer School in Oxford

Immerse yourself in economics in a city that radiates intellectual curiosity. Wander the same picturesque streets as some of the greatest minds in history and come up with your own solutions to today’s biggest world challenges.
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Economics Summer School in Cambridge

Choose beautiful Cambridge for a challenging economics course this summer and study alongside ambitious peers whilst soaking up the quirky shops, interesting restaurants and beautiful gardens in this lovely city.
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