Law summer course, by The Oxford Institute.

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Course Summary

Law is the set of rules that guides the conduct of individuals in a society and is enforceable through public agencies. It is universally accepted as being one of the key pillars of the nation state. It provides a framework for much of the activities that individuals undertake in their everyday lives. Activities like filing a tax return, asking the state to widen the road in your street, avoiding a traffic ticket are all scenarios that involve the ‘Law’. This course is designed to provide students with answers to questions like: (i) What is Law?; What are its origins?; (iii) What are its different branches?; and How is the law enforced?


Our accommodation facilities are located at a constituent college of Oxford University. Students get to experience the real college life experience by boarding in the same rooms that are used during term time by students enrolled in degree programmes at Oxford University. The accommodation facilities are located in the heart of the historic city and in close proximity to all the amenities and attractions that Oxford has to offer. All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi internet and ethernet connection and include either en-suite or shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.


The programs include intense academic training delivered through innovative teaching methods. The course content is tailored to suits the requirements of individual students. The program also allows students to interact with their counterparts from all over the world.

Extracurricular Activities

The Oxford Summer Program places heavy emphasis on extracurricular activities to help nurture student’s personality and make the program an enjoyable experience. Along with structured activities such as sports, indoor games, excursion trips and entertainment, students are also given unstructured time to explore the immensely diverse activities Oxford has to offer. Oxford is a vibrant and exciting town for students with impressive gothic architecture inspires visitors.

Key Details
  • Available from: June - August
  • Provider: The Oxford Institute
  • Ages: 16-18,19+
  • Fees: £3,999.00 / 2 weeks

The Oxford Institute

An Oxford-based summer school using tutorial-style teaching used at the University to deliver learning focused on the students' interests.