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Do you speak computer? The world’s newest and most cutting-edge language, coding powers our digital world. You interact with code constantly: it’s in your smartphone, your car, your washing machine and your tv. It’s the leading language of the modern world and will only continue to become more and more essential, very quickly.

With many future jobs expected to rely on coding skills, it’s estimated that, over the next 10 years, there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer sciences and only around 400,000 graduates qualified to do them - and coding careers also have fantastic earning potential, by the way! Do you want to gain a new perspective to problem solving? Are you intrigued by Python and Javascript? It’s fair to say that a coding course in Oxford or Cambridge this summer is a very smart move!

Why Choose Coding for your 2024 Summer School?


Coding Summer School in Oxford

Harness your coding curiosity in the vibrant city of Oxford as you study alongside like-minded, ambitious peers at the best - and one of the oldest - university in the world, the University of Oxford, this summer.
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Coding Summer School in Cambridge

Cambridge is known for its beautiful architecture, sublime green spaces and famous university, but did you know it’s also home to ‘Silicon Fen’, a cluster of over 1,000 cutting-edge tech companies, and Alan Turing studied here?
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Best Coding Summer Schools 2024

Best Coding Summer Courses 2024

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