Best Online Oxford Summer Schools

Studying online in the summer can be just as effective as a residential summer school, and many Oxford summer school providers offer an online option. In this piece we explore the very best online Oxford summer schools available in 2022.



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May 25, 2022

Online Oxford summer schools aren’t just for Covid; they’re here to stay! 2022 is the year of the online Oxford summer school, with technical issues ironed out, course structures decided, and innovative techniques finalised to ensure unparalleled academic experiences that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. But which courses are lined up to offer the best experience? Check out our top 4 choices for 2022 below.

Oxford Royale Academy (ORA)

ORA provides some of the most fun-filled academic courses on the market, and their online summer school is no different. ORA’s online summer school embodies their renowned top-tier teaching coupled with a variety of teaching activities intended to enrich the academic courses. If their in-person courses are anything to go by, students should prepare for a journey of academic insight on ORA’s online summer school.

Online courses from ORA run for 5 days and feature both lectures and seminars, making up more than 4 hours of teaching every day. Students also have the opportunity to attend virtual workshops and presentations – some of which are led by industry professionals – offering the chance to increase their skillset and understanding of their chosen field. For ambitious students who strive for success, ORA’s online summer school concludes by sending a report and score for the course, as well as a completion certificate you can proudly stick on your wall.

Suited to: students looking for an intensive online summer school course with a keen focus on academic development.

Melio by Oxford Summer Courses (OSC)

Melio offers three course modes: tutorial courses, academic programmes and coaching and support sessions. With the tutorial mode, students attend 1-on-1 tutorials with experienced tutors – a typical feature of Oxbridge-style teaching – giving them an invaluable opportunity to explore their course materials and assignments in-depth and focus on topics that interest them most. Unlike other providers, Melio’s tutorial mode is offered in packages based on the number of hours you desire, from 10 to 60 hours of 1-on-1 teaching.

Alternatively, Melio offers the academic programme mode which runs for 2 weeks and offers a set programme structure taught through group seminars and activities, whilst students looking for academic coaching, admissions advice and insight from Oxbridge tutors should choose the coaching and support course.

Suited to: those looking for intensive 1-1 tuition as well as flexible options to suit their preferences.

Oxford Scholastica

Oxford Scholastica is another summer school provider that has leapt to meet the challenges of remote learning. Online classes from OS are kept to a maximum of 10 students to facilitate discussions and individual development, whilst the 10 hours of live teaching every week ensures that students can get thoroughly involved with the academic side of their course. Courses run for 1-2 weeks and students must also get stuck in with independent study around their teaching to ensure they get the most out of the experience. The courses are designed for students aged 12-18 and include subjects such as business, creative writing and computer science and coding.

Suited to: self-motivated students who are looking for a course that is lighter on the guided teaching and instead places emphasis on personal study.

Online Insights by Immerse Education

Online Insights is Immerse Education’s offering to the virtual classroom. These courses have been created with the intention of giving students a virtual university-style environment for them to throw themselves into their discipline. Classes are limited to 10 students and group classes are the focus of the teaching style, though each student is also offered a 30-minute individual tutorial twice a week with their tutor, during which discussions range from feedback on performance to their own academic aspirations. Workshops, discussions with Cambridge undergraduates and the innovative ‘social hour’ (held at the end of each day for students to get to know each other better) provide students with key aspects of summer schools that typically feature on in-person courses.

Suited to: students who want to form stronger social connections as they develop their academic skillset.