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The best artificial intelligence summer schools in Oxford, Cambridge and London.

The AI revolution has arrived!

With the arrival of Chat GPT and other large language models, Artificial Intelligence - or AI - has now truly emerged into our daily lives, offering up a vast range of possibilities, good and bad. We are truly living on the cusp of breakthroughs unimaginable merely a few years ago and which will change the world as we know it, just as the arrival of the internet or space travel did for previous generations.

If you’re fascinated by artificial intelligence, machine learning and the future of technology, get ahead this summer and test-drive a course rarely offered in typical high schools. Want to be a Developer, Data or Robotics Scientist, or Machine Learning Engineer, in fields as diverse as finance, manufacturing and medicine? You've come to the right place - sign up for an AI summer school experience in Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious locations.

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Best Artificial Intelligence Summer Schools 2024

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Artificial Intelligence Summer School in Oxford

Enjoy the city of Oxford's striking contrast of the medieval and modern whilst you dive into the cutting-edge world of AI - residential in a stunning Oxford college at one of the world's best and most famous universities.
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Artificial Intelligence Summer School in Cambridge

Follow in the footsteps of Alan Turing, the famous World War II codebreaker who studied here, amidst Cambridge's 1,000+ specialised tech companies known as 'Silicon Fen' as you delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence.
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