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Top reasons for choosing a Yale Summer School in summer 2023

Why Choose A Yale Summer School?

Without a doubt, the city of New Haven in Connecticut is best known as the home of world-famous Yale University. Although its 300-year-old campus is a must-visit for anyone interested in architecture, art or history, there’s also a LOT more to do besides study!

To start with, the city sits on a stunning sliver of coastline and boasts huge expanses of green spaces. It’s known for its thriving arts scene and is full of historic attractions, fabulous restaurants and interesting boutiques. Dig a little deeper and taste history at the iconic restaurant that invented the hamburger back in 1900, take a ride on the carousel that has been going since 1920, and check out the stupendous views of the city from the East Rock, a popular landmark made from molten rock some 200 million years ago.



A prestigious ivy league campus

As one of the USA’s top Ivy League universities and the third-oldest in the country, Yale is a must-visit destination in its own right. Its rich history dates back to 1701 and its stunning Gothic architecture lends itself well to the palpable feeling of academic rigour that echoes through its hallowed halls. Its impressive roll call of alumni includes former US presidents Bill Clinton, George H Bush and George W Bush.



Outsanding Facilities & Attractions

Yale’s colossal 265-acre campus offers a wealth of world-class attractions, including two art galleries (which house big names such as Van Gogh, Pollock and Picasso) and the Natural History Museum, as well as several theatres, a planetarium, and a rare books library with a precious 15th century manuscript that codebreakers still haven’t managed to decipher. Throw in countless fitness centres, cafes and shops - you’ll never be short of things to do!

Campus map

Get to grips with Yale University’s gigantic campus with this interactive map.

Video tour of new haven

Discover the student perspective on the vibrant city of New Haven

Listen to the podcast

Check out Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos’ podcast ‘The Happiness Lab’, based on the most popular Yale course ever in the university’s 300-year history.


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A Captivating Coastline

New Haven’s beachfront is stunning. Perfect for lazing away sunny summer days with a picnic lunch, it's an oasis for nature lovers and is surrounded by a beautiful 82-acre park. There’s also tons to do - rent a boat or bicycle, visit the majestic lighthouse or take a ride on a quirky open-sided antique trolley that follows a 3 mile track along the shoreline!