Oxford-London Programme

Oxford-London Programme summer course, by The Oxford Institute.

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Course Summary

The Oxford-London Programme provides students a unique opportunity to spend a week at Oxford followed by a week in London. The programme is designed for students who want to develop deeper insights into the British Education System. It is an excellent opportunity for both local and International students to be introduced to the UK’s top institutions including the University of Oxford, London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College London and University College London.


Initially, the students attend the program in Oxford for a week and then move to LSE accommodation in central London for another week. To read more about the facilities and activities during the first week, please follow the Oxford Summer Camp page.


The programs include intense academic training delivered through innovative teaching methods. The course content is tailored to suits the requirements of individual students. The program also allows students to interact with their counterparts from all over the world.

Extracurricular Activities

The Oxford Summer Program places heavy emphasis on extracurricular activities to help nurture student’s personality and make the program an enjoyable experience. Along with structured activities such as sports, indoor games, excursion trips and entertainment, students are also given unstructured time to explore the immensely diverse activities Oxford has to offer. Oxford is a vibrant and exciting town for students with impressive gothic architecture inspires visitors.

Key Details
  • Available from: June - August
  • Provider: The Oxford Institute
  • Ages: 13-15,16-18,19+
  • Fees: £3,999.00 / 2 weeks

The Oxford Institute

An Oxford-based summer school using tutorial-style teaching used at the University to deliver learning focused on the students' interests.