Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Advanced Applications of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Advanced Applications of Neural Networks and Deep Learning summer course, by LMH Summer Programmes.

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Course Summary

In our age of burgeoning smart technology and automation we are already seeing the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in fields as diverse as finance, medicine, and manufacturing.

In this course students who are already familiar with the key theoretical foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will dive deeper into the exciting capabilities of this area of research and its applications in three streams. First, you will explore Generative Deep Learning and, working with the MNIST and CIFAR-10 datasets, train networks to produce new synthetic samples which appear to belong to the datasets. Secondly, you will learn to design and train Graph Neural Networks, a class of deep learning methods designed to be applied to structured data on irregular grids, such as social network data. Finally, you will look at applications of Reinforcement Learning, a method utilised when you do not have data, but do have access to the data generation process, such as when training a robot to interact with its environment and achieve an objective. This course provides students with an introduction to these advanced topics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and provides a solid foundation for future advanced study in the field.

  • Live and study in Lady Margaret Hall, one of Oxford's finest colleges
  • Learn from experienced academics using the tutorial system
  • Enjoy meals in hall, experiencing life as an Oxford student
  • Gain new skills to take you further in your future academic or professional career.

What's Included?

  • All tuition, including lectures, seminars, and tutorials
  • Assessment, transcript of academic performance, and certificate
  • A co-curricular programme of skills workshops and guest speakers
  • Access to the Lady Margaret Hall College Library
  • Bed & Breakfast accommodation throughout your programme
  • Lunch and dinner in the College Dining Hall Monday to Friday
  • A full Social & Cultural Programme, including two excursions to other English cities per three-week programme session
  • A high-quality printed class photograph
  • Formal Graduation banquet.


You will stay in College accommodation onsite at Lady Margaret Hall, in en suite bedrooms normally occupied by our undergraduate students during term time.

You will eat breakfast each day in the Dining Hall, and lunch and dinner will also be provided in College on each of your teaching days. On the final evening of the course there is a Graduation Formal Hall, when students dress up in their finest outfits for a special banquet served in the Dining Hall.


LMH Summer Programmes are designed and delivered by experienced academics and experts from Lady Margaret Hall and across the University of Oxford, and are taught using the Oxford teaching model, which emphasises personalised small-group learning. Each week you will take part in a range of class types, including lectures, seminars, and tutorials.

Extracurricular Activities

The academic programme is the fundamental core of an LMH Summer Programme, and you will have a busy schedule of lectures, seminars, tutorials, and independent study time. Outside of your study time, however, our Resident Advisers are here to help you get to know other students, explore the city, and have an authentic experience of life as a student at an Oxford college.

Key Details
  • Available from: June - August
  • Provider: LMH Summer Programmes
  • Ages: 19+
  • Fees: £3,725.00 / 3 Weeks

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