Global Leadership

Global Leadership summer course, by ISSFT.

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  • Explore how we make sense of the world around us; Examine the concepts and values used in political and economic analysis.; Explain the choices that political systems must regularly make; Study the effect of Economics on governmental policymaking; Discuss the conduct of businesses and pressing issues such as climate change and cyber security; Develop effective presentation
  • research and writing skills; Learn how to debate effectively and to see other points of view; Grow in self-confidence and develop leadership skills for the future; Study inspirational leaders
  • both past and present
  • and learn how to problem-solve with new friends from across the world

What's Included?

  • 39 hours academic tuition
  • 39 hours elective tuition
  • Personalised assessment at end of course
  • Small class sizes guaranteed
  • Cultural excursions included


Accommodation is very modern and comfortable. All students at Stirling has his or her own bathroom as well. In Oxford however, a small proportion of bathrooms may be shared with one other student. There are communal areas in the halls of residence so that students can socialise. However at lights out they have their own private space. Each student has their own room key and nobody else has access to that room.


ISSFT provides a varied, challenging and exciting range of educational classes. Small class sizes ensure personalised academic support, providing students with the tools to flourish.

Extracurricular Activities

An exciting program of activities is provided, including at least one excursion. Watch the video to learn more about the ISSFT extracurricular program.

Key Details
  • Available from: June - August
  • Provider: ISSFT
  • Ages: 14-18
  • Fees: £5,950.00
  • Duration: 2 Weeks


An all-inclusive summer school offering a personalised experience, with two campuses in inspirational settings in Oxford and Stirling.